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The BRAND has its tradition ...

A good brand is based on knowledge and experience of generations.
Today we are proud to have the honour of serving more than 20.000 customers worldwide.

The Family
(Three, Four and Fifth Marzek Generation)
2010 First digital weboffset printing machine from HP-Indigo with fully integrated finishing and completion to be used in- and offline
2009 First printer in Europe to install the most modern digital weboffset printing machine for label production with the HP-Indigo 6000 webpress
2009 Acqusition of an Ukrainian quality-label printinghouse named now "Marzek Pechatny Dvor LLC"
2007 Production start with the first web offset press at Kner Packaging in Hungary
2007 More than 50.000 different label-designs saved in Austrias' first label-data-base online accessable
2006 Investment into most modern fold-box technology with high-grade finishing
2005 Acquisition of Hungarys' most famous and wellknown company in the graphical industry named "Kner Packaging"
2004 / 2005 Second and third weboffset printing machine of translative technology with high-grade finishing options
2003 Constructional expansion of our production-hall
2002 First translative web-offset printing machine combined with rotative screen print plus foil embossing and relief embossing inline
2001 Digital processing at European top standard
1998 Midsize UV-Flexo web-fed printing press
1997 Computer controlled offset press of the latest technical generation
1996 Introduction of the most advanced digital prepress system for labels in Austria
1992 New construction of second production plant - Traiskirchen is made to be the headquarter of Marzek Etiketten
1987 Installation of the first high tech electronic image setting prepress equipment for labels in Austria
1963 Foundation stone for the production plant in Traiskirchen
1956 The first self adhesive labels are presented by Marzek in Austria
1910 The first electronically powered sealing label press in Austria
1879 Karl Marzek the First, “The Founder” sets up the first business in Vienna
Karl Marzek I.
Karl Marzek I.