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... REEL Labels ...

With various printing technologies.
... at the high technological standard we are able to meet nearly all demands of our customers with a tremendous degree of flexibility:
letterpress, flexography, screen print, offsetprint, advanced flexography, inkjet systems, ...
Labels for all brands in every branch of industry. For special marketing activities (off-sales, promotions), tags and bags and much more.
Self adhesive and non-self adhesive, in reels for all packaging units.

We make it inline in one production run. Timing and precise coordination from the raw materials to finished product.
We print on: paper, polyethylene, polyester and polypropylene, numerous varieties either opaque or transparent well known as “ultra clear”, with different surfaces, self adhesive in various grades of tack but also without glue-precoating.

Production materials are selected and optimised for the required demands of the individual application, packaing- and labelling technology of our custoand selectiv components (papers as multilayer, metalized foils) are united in our high-tech equipment in special upgrading technologies.
Foil stamping, relief embossing, thermal sensitive inks, unique punching forms, various varnishing technologies, ...

Roll Label Team