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The BRAND makes the difference ...

Vision – Innovation – Tradition. Labels in the “spirit of time”...
A good reputation, what we proof with more than 200 staff-members day by day.

Dr. Johannes Michael Wareka, Chairman, CEO
Dr. Johannes Michael Wareka, Chairman, CEO


A good brand is based on knowledge and experience of generations. We are proud of serving more than 20.000 customers worldwide.


A good brand is liable for its ideas... that is why we produce according to the highest standard set in our system of quality control ISO 9001.


A good brand keeps it's promises – permanently...
that's why you may expect deliveries in time and continuous quality.

Our principles declaration

Marzek Etiketten GmbH
Wiener Strasse 105–113
A-2513 Traiskirchen-Möllersdorf
Telefon: +43-2252-90500-0
Fax: +43-2252-90500-410
Firmenbuchnummer: 58612w (Landesgericht Wiener Neustadt)
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