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Awards of the trademarks ....

• Award: world´s best label – FINAT label competition 2006

On the 8th of July the world label association FINAT awarded the 1st prize to Marzek Etiketten in Warsaw. The label “Adelholzner”printed by Marzek – was selected the world´s best label in this category out of several hundred submissions.

The label itself was printed with 6 colors on unsupported OPP silver. In addition to the conversion from a sheet feed to a reel applied label, it was equipped with the new logo printed with security IR ink for the German DPG refund system. Marzek Etiketten has been certified for the DPG security system as one of the first Austrian printing companies.

Finat 2006 Finat 2006 Finat 2006
Finat award ceremony
David Harrisson, Präsident der Finat,
Dr. Johannes Michael Wareka

The wine label „lust“ of Arge Meister – printed by Marzek- also received a prize. Having been printed with “Micro Dot”, the high resolution halfton, the jury has been fascinated by its appearance. The design stands out with its key shaped hole punched out in the middle of the label catching everyone’s eye. The young designer - pupil of the Federal Training Institute of Graphic Arts – had won a designer contest sponsored by Marzek Etiketten with this label.

Finat 2006 Finat 2006


• We received the award for advertising, the „Goldenen Werbehahn 2006“

The prize for advertising 2006 in the category promotion and packaging design was awarded to Marzek Etiketten. Out of more than 400 submissions we received two recognitions as well as the “Goldenen Werbehahn”.

In the course of the advertising gala night, which took place in Oberwaltersdorf, the award “Goldener Werbehahn” was handed over for the project “Incognito” (customer: Weingut und Schloßkellerei Esterházy).

The whole concept (development, design, realisation and production) is from Marzek Etiketten.

Marzek Etiketten and Marzek Design are delighted about this very high distinction!

Goldener Hahn 2006
Goldener hahn 2006 award ceremony
v.l.n.r. Manfred Enzlmüller, Thomas Berger, Martina Gruber, Roland Palfy, KR Helga Marzek, Sonja Zwazl,
Mag.(FH) Katja Skof
Goldener Hahn 2006 Goldener hahn 2006 award ceremony
v.l.n.r. KR Helga Marzek, Thomas Berger,
Mag.(FH) Katja Skof, Manfred Enzlmüller

Goldener Hahn 2006
Goldener hahn 2006 award ceremony
v.l.n.r. Mag.(FH) Katja Skof, Manfred Enzlmüller

Goldener Hahn 2006 Goldener Hahn 2006 Goldener Hahn 2006
Goldener Hahn 2006
product/label design food trade
customer: Weingut und Schloßkellerei Esterházy
category: promotion/ packaging design

Goldener Hahn 2006 Goldener Hahn 2006 Goldener Hahn 2006
Nomination for the award Goldener Hahn 2006
product/label design food trade
customer: Weingut und Schloßkellerei Esterházy
category: promotion/ packaging design

• FINAT Congress 2005

Marzek Etiketten is the winner in the category "security labelling"!
Unique special solutions satisfying the requirements of highly demanding customers have been found thanks to Marzek's pioneer work on technologies for security labelling.
Marzek Etiketten has received for this innovation the first price in the category "marketing and security" at the international congress FINAT 2005 in Baveno.
The objective of security label producer is to achieve the maximum benefit for the customer. The necessity to keep highly confidential both the production process and the name of the client who is using this unique solution world wide already now, was obvious for jury and Marzek Etiketten. Thus the customer has got a possibility for strong firm presentation to the members of the industry in Baveno.
The R&D team of Marzek Etiketten is particularly pleased about this award.
Finat 2005 Finat 2005

• Golden Rooster - 2005

During the big gala night of advertising companies in Lower Austria in Magna Racino Marzek Etiketten has got a price for designing a label for Sweden mineral water at the awards show of Golden Rooster 2005.
Goldener Hahn 2005 Goldener Hahn 2005

• Golden Label Award - 2005

As one-of-a-kind competition Golden Label is characterized by the valuation process based on four equal weighted criteria. General interdisciplinary cooperation between jurors during the valuation and nomination is unique in the international context. This fact allows to check the label very deep and thorough.
Golden Label 2005 Urkunde

Awarded labels:

Golden Label 2005

• ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates

Marzek's quality management system has been certified according to the highly sophisticated quality standard norm ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 already years ago. Continuous internal audits assure the permanent compliance with these high quality standards. The certificate is yearly proved by word wide well known TÜV Management Service and meets also today the last requirements.
ISO 9001-Zertifikat in deutscher Sprache
ISO 9001-Zertifikat in englischer Sprache
ISO 9001-Zertifikat in russischer Sprache
ISO 9001-Zertifikat in tschechischer Sprache
ISO 9001-Zertifikat in slowakischer Sprache
ISO 9001-Zertifikat in ungarischer Sprache

• Sicherheitszertifikat DPG gemäß Deutscher Verpackungsverordnung:

Seit 1.5.2006 dürfen in Deutschland für Einweg-Getränkegebinde nur noch DPG-konforme
Sicherheits-Etiketten in Verkehr gebracht werden. Ausschließlich zertifizierte Druckereien
dürfen diese Wertmarken-Etiketten produzieren. Marzek Etiketten wurde bereits am
21.2.2006 als einer der ersten Etikettenproduzenten außerhalb Deutschlands durch ein externes Audit von der TÜV Management System GmbH aus Köln für die
Produktion von DPG-Etiketten formell zertifiziert.
DPG Zertifikat

• Word wide labelling competition FINAT

The printing quality and know how of Marzek Etiketten has been awarded ?t world wide labelling competition FINAT also this year.

Finat ist word wide association of label printing houses.
Once per year labels of outstanding quality are awarded by Finat. Marzek Etiketten succeeded in claiming this international award numerous times:
Finat-Urkunde "Aristos - Wohlmut"
Finat-Urkunde "Louis Girardet Brut" Finat-Urkunde "Egger Magnum" Finat-Urkunde "Dockner Sacra" Finat-Urkunde "Ermak Vodka"
Finat-Urkunde "Absinth Garnitur" Finat-Urkunde "Coca-Cola Harry Potter Serie" Finat-Urkunde "Missia" Finat-Urkunde "Weninger"
Finat-Urkunde "Grany Kyselé Jablko" Finat-Urkunde "Topaz de luxe" Finat-Urkunde "Aceto" Finat-Urkunde "Spatzierer"
Awarded labels:
Etikett "Coca Cola"
Etikett "Grany Kyselé Jablko"  Etikett "Topaz de luxe"  Etikett "Szent Orbán Cuvee"  Etikett "Milky Way - Sandwich"  Etikett "Spatzierer"  Etikett "Louis Girardet Brut" Etikett "Dockner Sacra"
Etikett "Ermak Vodka" Etikett "Egger Magnum" Etikett "Conte de Cesare" Etikett "Absinth" Etikett "Missia" Etikett "Weninger" Etikett "Aristosé Wohlmut"

• 2 awards and 5 acknowledgements of Marzek Etiketten at

Over 700 labels and designs have been submitted for Wine Labels Grand-Prix 2004. 4 laureates have been chosen and further 10 acknowledgements have been granted in categories “Label Designs” and “Labels in Use” each.
2 awards and 5 acknowledgements in category “Labels in Use” have been granted by an independent jury in Poysdorf to Marzek's labels.
1. Price:
Etikett "Spatzierer" Etikett "Spatzierer"
3. Price:
Etikett "Taubenschuss" Etikett "Taubenschuss"
Awarded labels:
Etikett "Lang" Etikett "Lang" Etikett "Giefing" Etikett "Jurtschitsch" Etikett "Walek"
For the first three prized label designs in the category "Label Designs" 3.500 euro prize money was sponsored by Marzek Etiketten.

• Curatorship of the Leopold Figl Foundation

... Marzek from Moellersdorf (District of Baden) was gained as a sponsor ...

Through Marzek's generous support it was possible to introduce to media specially designed Figl's Treaty wine. Gustav Peichl has designed the label by expressing a homage to a great statesman Figl.

• Golden Rooster 2004

Goldener Hahn Medaille
The „ Golden Rooster“ is the County Award for outstanding performance of advertising agencies. It is assigned by the governor in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Chamber.
"New products need new advertising ideas! This requirement was met by Marzek's creative agency in an excellent way."

2004 Marzek's creative agency was awarded again. This time the award was granted for the following project:

"The new corporate design for all advertising means was developed and labels fitting the new product line in the best way have been designed and produced for new wellness drinks of the Egyptian pharmacist Dr. Ezzat in flavour lines hibiscus, peppermint, carob and tamamind."
Bronzener Hahn Urkunde
Goldener Hahn Goldener Hahn
Award ceremony Golden Rooster 2004
v.l.n.r.: Fr. Katja Skof, Hr. Roland Palfy,
Hr. Dr. Ibrahim Ezzat, Hr. Dr. Johannes
Michael Wareka, Fr. Anna Der-Karapatien

Award ceremony Golden Rooster 2004
v.l.n.r.: Hr. Landesrat Ernest Gabmann,
Fr. Katja Skof, Hr. Roland Palfy,
Fr. Anna Der-Karapatien, Hr. Dr. Ibrahim
Ezzat, Hr. Dr. Johannes Michael Wareka,
Fr. Präsident Sonja Zwazl, Hr. Prof. Erwin Kessler

• Golden Label Award – „the international paper label award“

Gold and bronze – 2 medals for Marzek Etiketten Austria in this renowned label award. Gold: label range „Römerquelle Emotion“
Bronze: wine label „Höpler – Art Edition“
A new record was noted this year at the Golden Label „the international paper label award“: Almost 700 labels from 28 countries were participating in the contest of the Golden Label 2002. The list of participants reminds to be the „Who is Who“ of worldwide brands!

The Golden Label competition is featured by a system of judgment working with four equal relevant criteria. The collective and interdisciplinary work of the jurors appears to be unique. These circumstances make sure that the attributes of the labels submitted are checked thoroughly from all points of view.
Awarded labels:
Emotion Apfelessig/Holunder Emotion Guarana Emotion Birne/Melisse

• Innovation-Award of Lower Austria „Karl Ritter von Ghega“

In act with the bestowal Marzek Etiketten was awarded for the project of the „picture and graphics database in intranet and internet with CIM-integration“.

Marzek Etiketten has developed this label-database in cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna. Presently 20.000 labels are available for internal purposes in the intranet of the company and also with internet-entrance (code-protected) for each customer.
Niederösterreichischer Innovationspreis As with this new system Marzek Etiketten offers a service, which is successfully applied also by foreign customers and international groups the awarded database appears to be a contribution to the prosperous development of Austrian export-balance.

• Best Family-Enterprise of Lower Austria 2002

The Austrian Newspaper for Economy WirtschaftsBlatt has organized this year for the second time in cooperation with the Austrian investment bank Investkredit the award "the best Austrian family-owned businesses".The winners (one per county) were selected by a reputational jury of experts and awarded in a special event.

The jury was chaired by Mag. Erwin J. Frasl, deputy chief editor of the WirtschaftsBlatt, and furthermore: For further information (in German) please visit

Bestes Familienunternehmen Niederösterreichs 2002 Verleihung der Urkunde von WirtschaftsBlatt und Investkredit

VieVinum Etiketten Grand Prix

Die Siegeretiketten des VieVinum Etiketten Grand Prix At the Label Grand Prix, which was presented on the occasion of the VieVinum, all 10 winning labelshave been manufactured by Marzek.
Furthermore, the drafts of our creative agency ranked first, second, third, fifth and sixth!